Thanks for what you brought us in 2016! Happy Chinese New Year!

年关将至,一元复始 The commencement of a new year is coming soon 每一年,我们感念相遇的美好, The beautiful encounter is appreciated every year, 这一次,我们用事实来感谢: and this year we express our gratitude with facts 谢谢你们见证的、参与的、共同铸就的 We would like to extend our sincere thanks to you for bringing Talent Spot Talent Spot的2016…… the achievements in 2016 you have witnessed, participated in and created jointly with us ​

Talent Spot is Listed at 2016 Best 100 HR Service Brands in Greater China

It is a great honor to see Talent-Spot on the List again, which indicates that our strength has been improved and our brand influence is growing. ​

Talent Spot Won “China HR Pioneer Service Agency Award 2016”

On the awards ceremony, Talent Spot honorably received “China HR Pioneer Service Agency Award – Best Supplier of One-stop Recruitment Solution of the Year”, the first recruitment-related award for the Company.

Talent Spot Won the “Trustworthy Human Resources Services Unit” for Three Consecutive Years

Recently, Talent Spot won the prize of “2015 Trustworthy Human Resources Services Unit” awarded by Shanghai Human Resources Consulting Association. This is the third time that Talent Spot won the award.

Talent Spot was Selected as "Recommended HR Supplier in Asia-Pacific Region"

On April 29, 2016, the results of the "International HR Suppliers", "Asia-Pacific HR Suppliers", "One Belt and One Road HR Suppliers" and "HR Suppliers in China" event, hosted by Shanghai Human Resource Consulting Association were released.

Talent Spot Won the “Best HR Supplier”: An Interpretation of Craftsmanship in HR Service Industry

June 2, 2016, Talent Spot won the “Best HR Supplier” of China BOLE Award given byENFOVIA.COM, the op human resources institute of China.

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